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Visa Extension for Foreigners in Vietnam

Visa Extension for Foreigners in Vietnam

When your visa is going to expire, but you still want to stay in Vietnam, foreign individuals need to carry out the visa extension procedure. In case where foreigners are exempted from entry visa into Vietnam, when the visa exemption period expires, they must carry out procedures for extending their stay or applying for a new visa.

TinLaw is one of the most prestigious and quality units that supports conducting the visa extension procedure for foreigners in Vietnam. We extend visas for all customers in need for additional periods ranging from 15 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months to 1 year. Please contact TinLaw’s customer service department to find the best solution that helps you save as much time and money as possible.

Procedure for extension of visas for foreigners

Step 1: Preparing documents

  • Form of request for granting, supplementing, modification of visas and extension of temporary residence cards (certified by the sponsoring agency or organization, in case of visiting relatives, certification by the police of the ward or commune where they reside is required)
  • Passport, temporary residence certificate or a document permitting travel from country to country of the foreigner

Step 2: Submitting documents

  • The customer shall submit the documents to the office of the Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security

Step 3: Waiting for approval

  • If they are complete, valid, the officer in charge will receive them, print and give a receipt, and assign a date of giving the result.
  • If they are not valid, he/she will guide the applicant to supplement more documents

Step 4: Receiving results

  • The person who receives the result shall give the receipt to the officer for check and comparison, if the extended visa is available, he/she will ask this person pay the fee and sign it as confirmation.

Processing duration: within 5 days since receipt of full valid documents.

To assist foreigners to extend their visas, TinLaw provides all-in long-stay, long-term visa extension services to foreigners. Customers can extend visa, have your visa stamped for  periods as follows:

  • Vietnam visa extension for foreigners for 15 days, and 20 days
  • Visa extension for foreigners with 1-month single entry visa
  • Visa extension for foreigners with 3-month single entry visa
  • Visa extension for foreigners with 3-month multiple entry visa
  • Visa extension for foreigners with 6-month multiple entry visa
  • Visa extension for foreigners with 1-year multiple entry visa
  • Issuance of 15-day exit visa
  • Extension of temporary residence card for foreigners


Extension of visa for foreigners in the shortest time
Extension of visa for foreigners in the shortest time


Cases where foreigners are entitled to extend their Vietnam visa:

  • Foreigners entering Vietnam to visit relatives and for tourism
  • Foreign investors
  • Foreigners being heads of   representative offices of  Non-Governmental Organization
  • Lawyers being foreigners who have been issued practice certificates by the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam
  • Foreign workers who have been issued a Vietnamese work permit

Cases where foreigners may be refused extension of Vietnam visa:

  • For tourist visas, travel agencies are responsible for extension of such visas, foreigners may seek a travel agency to extend their visas or contact TinLaw’s visa extension service to be processed.
  • Some cases which are difficult to extend visa for foreigners who come from the Middle East, Africa as follows: Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Korea (South) and Iran, Israel.

Why choosing visa extension service of TinLaw?

  • TinLaw has more than 10 years of experience in the field of visa extension, with thousands of customers choosing and trusting us.
  • Having a good relationship with the Immigration Department, the Provincial/City Public Security Office which is a great advantage that not all competitors have.
  • Committing all applications of visa extension are completed: short term/long term visas and visas that are difficult to extend.
  • Simple procedure, quick processing
  • Timely and free delivery of visas to customers
  • The team of enthusiastic and dedicated consultants
  • Committing to satisfy customers, even the most demanding customers

With many years’ experience and good relationships with the Immigration Department, Public Security of the City/Province, TinLaw fully understands the process, the style of working and satisfies the requirements of state agencies which provides the best visa extension service for foreigners.

For more information and inquiries about visa extension procedures for foreigners, please contact our specialists for free 24/7 consultation.



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