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Opportunity To Settle In Australia After Study Aboard

Opportunity To Settle In Australia After Study Aboard

Australia has long been a popular destination that many overseas students choose when they want to study overseas and seek an opportunity to live permanently, including Vietnam. It is an ideal environment for people to enjoy life with quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, civil freedom, political freedom and to study and work. Australia has now become a destination attracting thousands of people every year. What opportunities do overseas  students wish to reside permanently in Australia?

Australia – learning paradise for overseas students:

  • Australia is a beautiful country surrounded entirely by the two great oceans of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean
  • World-class education, ensuring that our students receive the best education.
  • Australian qualifications are recognized worldwide
  • Variety of courses, disciplines, innovative learning methods.
  • Opportunity to work and settle down after graduation.
  • A friendly environment for learning and making friends with students from all over the world
  • Cost of living is lower than studying in the UK.
  • The climate is warm, not as harsh as the West.
Settle In Australia After Study Aboard
Settle In Australia After Study Aboard

 Opportunities for permanent residence after graduation for international students

Australia needs people who can contribute to the development of their country and people who can live in their working environment. To do that, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a qualified and skilled person.
  • Because Australia is an English speaking country, it is required that the person can  work  in English
  • Need to attend vocational training, university, masters degree, and you should choose the careers that the society needs: child care, accountants, IT specialists, mechanical engineers, dentists, beauty services, hotel, tourism,…
  • In Australia, the theory of learning is paralleled with practice
  • Understanding the culture and work style of Australian
  • In working and studying, there must be professional behavior, responsibility, compliance and good behavior
  • Choosing both theoretical and practical courses, as it will help you to integrate faster into your work environment, not to be missed when you graduate.

In addition, they can work part-time or take advantage of the holiday to practice their independence, improve their experience and bring their own income.

It is not easy to settle down after studying in Australia, but it will not be difficult for those who have been prepared for the first time, to look into many aspects and to plan for a visa application. If necessary, you can apply for permanent resident visa services to help you be more secure.


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