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Minimum Requirements Of Translation Jobs

Minimum Requirements Of Translation Jobs

In order to perform translations, the translator must be fluent in at least two languages. That is just the basic condition of a translator. The concept of language proficiency is still a vague concept. A fluent speaker is not sure to express it in complete texts; A person who reads and understands two languages is unlikely to convert them successfully.

Prerequisites for translation

For translation, the first requirement is to know both languages, once you know the two languages, we are talking about the ability to express. Mastering the language, it is very important to express what you want to write, just as everyone has a leg, but someone can walk, run, jump on their own feet, some people do not. When not controlling the legs, people call it “disability”.

 Secondly, Translation requires a great deal of knowledge, understanding of culture, people, society and specialized fields of translators, such as: health, technology, journalism, construction, commerce,… Having extensive knowledge of many areas is important to understand the content of the text, knowing the correct and wrong places of the text.

 Between two languages, there is not always the corresponding conversion word, Therefore, it is necessary to have knowledge to express the content from one language to another and then the translated product is more reliable than the translucent one

Master the word
Master the word

Having ability to find information

Information is everywhere around us, if you do not know what to translate, please refer books, newspapers, magazines, ask from relatives, friends, colleagues, … The internet is  the biggest and most convenient source of information. Today, finding information on the internet to serve the job is a necessary skill. With translation texts require highly specialized knowledge, the translator can study the specialized literature, refer to the comments from experts

Translation job plays an important role in the era of international integration. The need to learn, improve knowledge and absorb the progress of science and technology are increasing, the translation will contribute to bring new advances and techniques to people. The translator is also considered to be the bridge that connects people from all over the world together.

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