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How to Establish Foreign Company’s Representative Office in Vietnam?

How to Establish Foreign Company’s Representative Office in Vietnam?

In the globalization trend, multinational companies are constantly seeking potential markets to optimize their profits. The remarkable economic growth of the Asia-Pacific region leads to the increasing presence of multinational companies. Strong reforms in the business environment, and increasing integration into the world economy make Vietnam an ideal destination that many multinational corporations from many parts of the world choose to make their investments and to set up representative offices here. Among the most remarkable representative offices of foreign companies in Vietnam are Samsung, Coca Cola, Google, Toyota …

However, foreign investors evaluated that the registration of establishing representative offices in Vietnam still requires a lot of complicated documents and procedures, which makes them face many difficulties. TinLaw Legal Consulting Firm provides the prestigious service of setting up representative office of a foreign company in Vietnam that solves all difficulties faced by foreign investors. We are committed to completing all documents, the procedures for establishing representative offices in the shortest time, helping you quickly put the representative office into operation.

Advantages of the service offered by TinLaw

  • More than 10 years of experience in the law field, processing and completion of procedures for establishment of companies and establishment of representative offices for more than 5,200 foreign companies.
  • Providing all-in services, processing all documents until establishment of representative office
  • Experienced team of experts, enthusiastic consultants will give many great business ideas, helping customers choose a suitable model of office with the company’s need
  • Preparing accurate documents, on behalf of customers to carry out the procedures for business registration
  • Quickness, saving and efficiency
  • Dedicated service, free of charge door-to-door delivery of documents and returning result quickly
  • Offering 24/7 free consulting
  • Able to process difficult cases and refused cases

Conditions for establishment representative office of foreign companies

  • Foreign traders who are permitted to establish a representative office in Vietnam must be legally recognized members.
  • The scopes of operation of the representative office must be consistent with Vietnam’s commitments in international treaties to which Vietnam is a party or must be approved by Ministers and heads of ministerial-level specialized management agencies.
  • Foreign traders who have been operating for at least 01 year from the date of establishment or registration.
Foreign companies’ representative office in Vietnam
Foreign companies’ representative office in Vietnam

The process of establishment representative office of foreign companies in Vietnam

Step 1: Preparing all documents as required by law and submitting the documents to the Receiving office – Department of Industry and Trade 

Documents include:

  • An application form for License for Establishment of the representative office signed by the competent representative of the foreign trader.
  • Copies of the enterprise registration certificate or an equivalent document of the foreign trader
  • A letter of appointment the head of the representative office
  • Copies of the audited financial statement or a document certifying the fulfillment of tax or financial obligations in the latest financial year or equivalent documents issued by a competent agency or organization in the locality where the foreign trader is established or certifying and proving the existence and operation of the foreign trader in the latest financial year
  • Copies of passport or identity card or citizen identification card (for Vietnamese) or copy of passport (for foreigners) of the head of representative office
  • Documents on the expected location where the representative office shall be located

Step 2: The Receiving office – Department of Industry and Trade receives documents and issues a receipt.

Step 3: The representative of the enterprise shall receive the result of handling administrative procedures on the set date specified in the receipt at The Receiving office – Department of Industry and Trade.


  • All documents are made in Vietnamese
  • Foreign documents must under consular legalization and notarized translation into Vietnamese
  • Foreign traders strictly abide by the Law on Investment and other relevant regulations of the State of Vietnam.

Legal bases

  • Decree No. 07/2016/ND-CP dated 25/01/2016 of the Government detailed regulations on establishment of representative offices or branches of foreign traders in vietnam under laws on commerce
  • Circular No. 11/2016/TT-BCT dated 5/7/2016 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on forms prescribed in decree No. 07/2016/ND-CP dated january 25, 2016 of the government on guildelines  for the Law on Commerce in terms of Representative offices and Branches of foreign traders in Vietnam;
  • Circular 133/2012/TT-BTC dated 13 August 2012 of the Ministry of Finance on the collection, remittance and management of fees for licensing representative offices of foreign traders in Vietnam

If you are a foreign company that wants to establish the  representative office in Vietnam but have difficulties in legal procedures, please contact us. With professionalism and dedication, TinLaw will consult free of charge, process documents and always accompany you.



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