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Fastest Enterprise Dissolution Service

Fastest Enterprise Dissolution Service

Approximately 255 enterprises are dissolved or temporarily suspended (as reported by the Department of Business Registration – the Ministry of Planning and Investment). The number of enterprises completing dissolution procedures in the first 3 months of 2017 is 9,442. Dissolution of an enterprise means an enterprise terminates its business activities because they fail to attain its set objectives or is dissolved according to provisions of the law.

Enterprises which need to be dissolved should perform all their rights and obligations towards the State. Besides, they need to carry out the procedures and dossiers necessary before dissolution. TinLaw Legal Consulting offers the fastest enterprise dissolution service that helps customers solve problems quickly, saving time and money.

Cases where an enterprise must carry out dissolution procedure include:

  • Expiry of the operation duration stated in the company charter without any decision on extension of operation duration.
  • According to the decision of the company owner for a private company, of a partnership for a partnership, of the Board of Members, of the company owner for a limited liability company, of the Board of Shareholders for a joint stock company.
  • A company no longer has the minimum number of members as stipulated in the Enterprise Law within 6 months without carrying out the procedure for transformation of the type of enterprise.
  • A company has been revoked business registration certificate.

The process for completing the enterprise dissolution procedure of TinLaw

Perfecting enterprise dissolution procedure 
Perfecting enterprise dissolution procedure 

 Step 1: Receiving and consulting customers

  • TinLaw’s consultants specialist contact customers to determine requests in dissolving the enterprise
  • Consult and answer customer questions about the procedures required to dissolve the business
  • Give advice on business’s debt settlement options if needed

Step 2: Preparation of legal documents:

  • A certified copy of the enterprise registration certificate
  • a list of creditors and paid debts, including tax debts, outstanding social insurance contributions (if any)
  • The seal and seal certificate (if any)

Step 3: Preparation of necessary documents and notices

  • A notification of the enterprise dissolution
  • Decision on enterprise dissolution
  • Written resolution of the debts (if any)
  • Report on enterprise asset liquidation
  • List of employees

Step 4: Filing enterprise dissolution application

  • After preparing all needed documents, TinLaw will submit the dossiers to the Business Registration Office where the enterprise’s headquarter is located.
  • Sending the dispatch for dissolution to the District Tax Department /Tax Department for the decision on closing the tax code.
  • Dissolution dossiers at District Tax Department /Tax Department include:
  • Notification of dissolution
  • Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Members on dissolution enterprise dissolution
  • The decision on dissolution of the enterprise by the company owner
  • Confirmation of closing the Customs code at the General Department of Customs
  • Application for termination of tax code validity of the company
  • Copy of Business Registration Certificate

Step 5: Returning legal entity seal by the enterprise

  • After obtaining the Written Confirmation of Accepting Dissolution from the Business Registration Office, we shall carry out the procedure for returning the legal seal to the provincial Public Security.

Step 6: Returning enterprise registration certificate

  • Sending the decision on cancelling the legal seal to the Business Registration Office and waiting for the Office to issue a decision on removal of the name of the enterprise from the Business Register, then the procedure is completed.

In general, enterprise dissolution procedures are relatively complex, requiring many administrative procedures carried out by different agencies. Therefore, you need to contact 10 year-experience experts of TinLaw for detailed instructions in the most professional way. Let us have chance to bring you maximum satisfaction. Let us satisfy the customers in the best way.


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