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Fast and Prestigious Company Establishment & Registration Services

Fast and Prestigious Company Establishment & Registration Services

According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, in the second half of 2017, there are more than 61,000 newly established enterprises for every 9,400 enterprises that stop operation. That shows the dynamics of the market economy in Vietnam. New companies need to conduct the company establishment procedure before going into operation.

You want to establish a company to start your career, but you are not sure about the process and procedures for setting up a business?

You are hesitant about choosing what type of business which is suitable with types of business stipulated in the current Enterprise Law of Vietnam: an Single-Member Limited Liability Company, a multi-member Limited Liability Company, a joint stock company, a partnership or a private enterprise.

You do not know what legal procedures you need to carry out for the company, about types of licenses for the establishment of the company, business licenses, operation announcements, opening bank accounts and carrying out tax-related procedures for startups and administrative procedures after business registration.

Whether you are a Vietnamese or a foreigner who wants to establish a company in Vietnam, and you have difficulties in establishing your company and need a team of consultants to help you with the problems related to your new company. Please contact us – TinLaw – the leading provider of the prestigious all-in service of company and enterprise establishment  in Vietnam.

Prestigious service of company establishment of TinLaw

  • TinLaw is the leading company on establishing enterprise in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of: establishing company, establishing branch, representative office, investment consulting for foreigners, establishment of foreign invested companies in Vietnam, etc.
  • With a team of professional specialists and consultants who offer consulting about enterprise legal affairs, TinLaw provides customers with the best all-in company establishment service at the lowest cost but with maximum effectiveness.
  • Our company establishment service helps you with processes and procedures, prepare your application for enterprise registration certificate , resolve problems before and after the business establishment.
  • We will prepare necessary documents on your behalf to send to competent authorities. You just need to sign the prepared documents for confirmation, TinLaw shall handle other things for you.
Prestigious and professional company and enterprise establishment service
Prestigious and professional company and enterprise establishment service

Steps in applying for enterprise registration certificate

Step 1: Preparing documents to apply for enterprise registration certificate

  • An application form for business registration (according to form)
  • Company’s charter
  • List of founding members of the company (according to form)
  • Selection of enterprise type
  • Certified copies of ID cards of founding members of the company
  • Selection of company name (our consultant shall consult your company about selecting a short, meaningful name which avoids repetition)
  • Selection of the place where the company is based that belongs to legal use right of the company
  • Selection of legal representative of the company
  • Identification of business lines and preparation of profession practice certificate for the company

Step 2: Submitting the application at competent business registration office

We will draft the necessary documents and prepare all documents as prescribed, then send the dossiers to customers for signing and submit the application to the Business Registration Office of the province/city where your enterprise is based with your authorization letter.

Step 3: Procedure for applying for the legal seal

After obtaining the  enterprise registration certificate, we shall assist your company in engraving the legal seal for the company and will then inform the seal specimen to the business registration agency for posting on the National Portal on registration of enterprises.

Step 4: Procedure after business registration

  • Posting the enterprise establishment notification on the national registration portal and carry out tax procedures for the new company
  • TinLaw will offer advice to you or act on behalf of your company to conduct initial tax declaration procedures, invoice printing procedures, and preparation of business conditions for conditional business lines.

With many years of experience of TinLaw, we have successfully handled more than 5,000 applications for establishing company and enterprise, bringing confidence, responsibility and prestige to customers. We commit to offering dedicated, fast, efficient and economical customer service.

Please contact our team of more than 100 consultants for free and professional advice and answers to all questions about the company establishment.



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