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Service of Establishing Foreign-Invested Enterprises

According to the recent Business Forum, Vietnam will be in the Top 4 countries with the best investment environment in ASEAN. Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung - Minister of Planning and Investment said that the Government would make breakthroughs in thinking and perfect the market economy mechanism to improve the investment quality of foreign investors.

The establishment of a foreign invested company requires legitimizing its business operations in Vietnam. However, during the initial stage of establishment of a new company, the investor will face many difficulties in applying for the investment registration certificate, register the establishment of new company by local administrative procedures.  

In order to help investors complete easily the dossiers and procedures for the establishment of a new company, TinLaw - a member company of Tingroup - will offer to customers the prestigious all-in service of establishment of foreign invested companies in Vietnam. Meet the needs of all individuals and organizations in domestically and internationally. We satisfy needs of all individuals and domestic and international organizations; timely support to create favorable conditions for business expansion and market development activities.

Why should you choose the service of establishing foreign-invested companies provided by us?

  • Our service is an all-in services, we process all documents and conduct procedures for customers before and after the establishment of the company.
  • TinLaw always follows your application status, keeps track of the progress to obtain the result in the shortest time, frequently keeping customer updated about the application status
  • The team of more than 100 consultants with 5-10 years of experience will process your documents without any mistakes.
  • Consulting the investor in choosing an optimal solution and method to save time, cost and bring best interests to the investor
  • Having deep relationships with state agencies, ensuring that your documents are always paid attention from submission to completion.
  • TinLaw has completed registration procedures for more than 2,000 foreign-invested companies.
  • Dedicated service, free delivery of documents and giving the result as committed
The service of establishing foreign-invested companies
The service of establishing foreign-invested companies

The process of establishing foreign-invested companies in Vietnam

Step 1: The enterprise prepares full documents as prescribed

Documents include:

1. If the investor is an individual

  • Passport or ID card of the investor is still valid
  • Written confirmation of your bank account balance
  • Credit note (bank statement on transferring  money to the capital contribution account of the company)
  • Head office lease contract

2. If the investor is an organization

  • The decision on investment capital contribution of the Board of Directors in accordance with the law
  • A copy of the establishment license of the foreign-invested company that undergoes consular legalization and notarized translation
  • Audited financial statements of the foreign investor
  • Credit note (bank statement on transferring money to the capital contribution account of the company)
  • Head office lease contract

Step 2: Submitting documents

TinLaw's specialist will act on behalf of the company to submit the documents to the Investment Registration Office - the Department of Planning and Investment

Step 3: Receiving result

Based on the assigned date in the Receipt, TinLaw will receive the result and hand over the result to the customer.


  • All documents are made in Vietnamese
  • Foreign documents must be legalized and notarized translation into Vietnamese
  • Foreign traders strictly abide by the Law on Investment and other relevant regulations of the State of Vietnam.

How can TinLaw assist you?

  • Legal advice, preparing dossiers for establishment of foreign-invested enterprises
  • Drafting dossiers and notification of establishment of the enterprise and sending them to the Department of Planning and Investment and concerned ministries and branches.
  • Applying for an Investment Registration Certificate and an Enterprise Registration Certificate to the Department of Planning and Investment
  • Resolving issues that arise during implementation
  • Carrying out procedures for engraving the corporate seal
  • Carrying out the procedures for applying for a tax code for the enterprise at the District tax department / Tax Department
  • Carrying out procedures and acting on behalf of the customers to work  with the customs authority

List of some customers using TinLaw's foreign-invested company establishment service

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To get advice and assistance in completing the procedures for establishing foreign invested enterprises quickly and effectively, please contact 10-year-experience experts of TinLaw to experience our service with the best quality.

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