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Procedure Of Logo Registration

Logo is the symbol of an enterprise. Based on logo, customers can immediately identify the brand of the product or service. Logo plays a key role in conveying the message and building a name for the company. For that reason, logo registration becomes a very important task, requiring accuracy and proper legal procedures.

After logo registration, the legitimate business activities of the company will be protected by law and this will be the legal basis for identifying the owner of the logo in case of disputes with the competitor.

Understanding the law and master each of the procedures in the logo registration process is something that a major legal consulting firm like TinLaw must do. Over the past 10 years, we have been doing very well, bringing the best logo registration service to over 5,000 strong brands nationwide.

Documents needed to register the logo:

  • 02 declaration forms according to form 04-NH;
  • Trademark sample and list of goods and services bearing the trademark;
  • Receipt for payment of fees and charges
  • If you want to register a collective trademark, the following documents must be added:
  • Regulations on the use of collective trademark/certified trademark;
  • Description of the characteristics, quality (or properties) of the products bearing the trademark;
  • Map of the territory (if the registered trademark is the trademark certifying the geographical origin of the product);
  • According to regulations of the laws, it takes up to 11 months to review and appraise the logo registration if the application is valid;
  • During the first two months: the National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP) shall review and evaluate the validity of the application for registration of the logo and post a public announcement if the logo meets the requirements;
  • Within the next 9 months: The NOIP shall appraise the content of the application to evaluate the possibility of granting a certificate of trademark registration under the conditions for protection

Nowadays, more and more products and goods are manufactured, the demand for brand protection is increasing. In order to meet that demand, TinLaw Legal Consulting Firm provides customers with logo registration service, helping the company quickly affirm its name in domestic and foreign markets.

Logo registration for brand protection
Logo registration for brand protection

Logo registration process of TinLaw:

Step 1: Consulting and preparing before trademark registration

  • Advise clients on the fields subject to logo protection under the Nice IX International Classification
  • Search logos to avoid the case where your logo is the same as those of other trademarks
  • Consult on amendment to the logo if duplication occurs
  • Consult and describe the meaning of logo and how to present it to be accepted trademark protection

Step 2: Conducting trademark registration

  • Prepare documents, trademark registration form for customers
  • Print trademark for customers
  • Submitting the application for logo protection for customers with the National Office of Intellectual Property

Step 3: Monitoring the situation of application review and consideration

  • Keep customer updated about the process of reviewing the application for protection at the National Office of Intellectual Property

Step 4: Delivering the result of the certificate of logo registration to the customer

Why should you use trademark registration service of TinLaw?

  1. TinLaw is a legal consulting firm with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, boasting well-qualified and experienced staff members, ensuring that documents and procedures are processed and conducted with 100% accuracy in accordance with the law.
  2. TinLaw understands the needs of customers, always listens and gives enthusiastic consultation based on customer needs;
  3. Providing reasonable solutions, valuable information, consulting the business on trademark and logo
  4. Free delivery of documents
  5. Absolute confidentiality of all customer information
  6. High quality service with very competitive price
  7. Committing to bringing absolute satisfaction as customer’s expectation
  8. Enthusiastic consultants who provide free 24/7 information
  9. TinLaw is a reliable partner of groups and large companies across the country

nthusiasm and more than 10 years of experience, TinLaw has affirmed the position of one of the most prestigious legal consulting firms in Vietnam, creating absolute satisfaction and trust for customers all over the country. The commitment of TinLaw is to bring the best logo registration service. Please contact our consultants for free and detailed consultancy.


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