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Procedure for Registration for Marriage with Foreigners

Love stories between Vietnamese and foreigners are really beautiful but sometimes they must overcome social barriers to be together forever. However, besides such difficulty, procedures related to registration for marriage with foreigners in Vietnam are so complicated. Although many couples have carefully learnt about the procedure right at the Justice Department, they still encounter a lot of troubles.

Understanding the difficulties of future couples, TinLaw provides marriage registration service for foreigners who are going to marry Vietnamese, overseas Vietnamese, foreigners residing in Vietnam.

Good points of marriage registration service of TinLaw:

  • TinLaw has over 10 years of experience in the field of legal advice, experienced professionals, enthusiastic and professional consultants.
  • Successful registration of more than 500 marriage certificates between foreigners and Vietnamese, bringing happiness to hundreds of foreigners in Vietnam.
  • When choosing us, you will be advised all issues and procedures related to the marriage with Vietnamese, rights and obligations after the marriage registration ...
  • TinLaw will on behalf of customers, translate and notarize all relevant documents.
  • Monitoring the process of handling documents at Judicial Division of District People's Committee
  • Effective handling, competitive prices, guaranteeing no extra fee during implementation
  • Success percentage of 100%, delivering Marriage Certificates to the customers


Procedure for registering marriage with foreigners in Vietnam
Procedure for registering marriage with foreigners in Vietnam

Procedure of marriage with  foreigners need to know:

Step 1: Preparing documents

  1. Declaration for marriage registration (according to an available form)
  2. Marital status certificate or marriage registration declaration certifying the marital status of Vietnamese citizen issued for less than 06 months prior to the date of receipt of the dossiers; proof of marital status of foreigner issued by a competent authority of the country of which he/she is a citizen for less than 06 months
  3. A certificate issued by a competent health organization in Vietnam or a foreign country for less than 06 months up to the date of receipt of the certification certifying that the person is not suffering from mental illness or other diseases preventing the person from recognizing and controlling his/her behaviors;
  4. Copy of one of the documents proving personal identity: ID card or passport (for Vietnamese citizens residing in the country), passport or substitute papers such as laissez-passer or residence card (for foreigners and Vietnamese citizens residing abroad);
  5. A copy of the household registration book or temporary residence book (for Vietnamese citizens residing in the country), permanent residence card or temporary residence card or temporary residence certificate (for foreigners permanently residing or temporarily residing in Vietnam)
  6. Apart from the above documents, the groom and the bride shall, depending on each case, submit related documents as prescribed.

Step 2: Submitting documents for marriage registration to the Judicial Division of the People's Committee of the district where the Vietnamese register their permanent residence

Step 3: The Judicial Division verifies the dossiers, then reports the result and submits it to the People's Committee of the district for making a decision to sign the Marriage Certificate.

Step 4: The Judicial Division shall organize the granting of marriage registration certificate.

NOTE: Conditions for registering marriage

  • Men aged 20 or older, women aged 18 or older;
  • The marriage is voluntarily decided by the couple, neither party shall force nor deceive the other party; neither party shall coerce or hinder the marriage;
  • The marriage does not fall into one of the cases where marriage is prohibited as specified in Article 10 of the Marriage and Family Law.
  • One of the foreigners has registered for permanent residence/temporary residence in the provinces/cities of Vietnam.

To conduct marriage registration easily with foreigners in Vietnam, so as not to affect a beautiful love story, please contact TinLaw’s experts for detailed instructions.

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