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Applying for Criminal Record Quickly

A criminal record is a card issued by a criminal record database managing agency evidencing an individual has criminal records or not, is banned or not banned from holding certain posts, establishing or managing enterprises, cooperatives in case where the enterprises or cooperatives are declared bankrupt by the court. Foreigners need criminal record to apply for temporary residence cards and work permits in order to live and work legally in Vietnam.

Vietnamese citizens, foreigners who resided or are currently residing in Vietnam and wish to apply for criminal record must clearly understand the following issues:

There are two types of criminal record cards:

Criminal record no. 1: Issued at the request of Vietnamese citizens, foreigners who resided or are currently residing in Vietnam and of state agencies or organizations.

Criminal record no. 2: To be granted to procedure-conducting agencies and granted at the request of an individual so that he/she knows the contents of his/her criminal record.

For foreigners working in Vietnam:

Criminal record of Vietnam is one of the important documents required to be included in the set of dossiers applying for a work permit for a foreigner even if the foreigner has just entered Vietnam.

For Vietnamese:

The criminal record is used to apply for a job (such as a UBER driver, a GRAB driver, etc.) or a state-owned company or a foreign-owned company often requests submission of a criminal record for specific purposes or Vietnamese intend to settle, work abroad, get married to foreigners ...


Applying for a judicial record card at Department of Justice
Applying for a criminal record card at Department of Justice

The procedure for applying for a criminal record

Documents need to prepare:

  • Declaration requesting the issuance of a criminal record card (according to available form).
  • Copy of ID card or passport
  • Copy of household registration book
  • Copy of the certificate of permanent residence or temporary residence for foreigners


  • Bring documents with their originals for comparison.
  • Individuals who request issuance of the criminal record form No. 1 can authorize other person to do so (with an attached authorization letter)
  • Individuals who request issuance of the criminal record form No. 2 are not authorized to do so.

The procedure:

  • Individuals/organizations submit applications to the Department of Justice in the locality where the individuals/organizations are permanently/temporarily residing.
  • Within 10 to 15 days from the date of receipt of a valid request, the Department of Justice shall process and issue a criminal record.

Currently, applying for a criminal record in Vietnam still requires many complicated dossiers and procedures which cause difficulties for foreigners and the date for receiving results is often 1-2 weeks later than the date written in the receipt. TinLaw provides you with the service of applying for a quick criminal record to facilitate your work.

Advantages of TinLaw’s criminal record service

  • Has more than 10 years of experience in providing services, team of experienced professionals in the law field with professional working style.
  • Completed more than 10,000 applications for visa extension, temporary residence cards, work permits, driving licenses, and issuance of criminal record for foreigners in Vietnam.
  • Commit to providing prestigious, timely services, bringing confidence to customers.
  • The company can translate and notarize professional documents with more than 50 languages for foreigners.
  • Resolve difficult cases, cases with past convictions, competitive prices, commit no extra cost in the implementation process.
  • Ensure documents shall be completed and timely delivered to customers.
  • Large company with over 100 consultants who offer free information 24/7.

Working with the "Heart" and "Trust" is the way that more than 100 TinLaw specialists serve clients over the last 10 years. In order to experience the service of applying for a quick criminal record with the best fee, please contact our consultant for free consultation.

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