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Fast Branch Establishment Service At Low Fee

Nowadays, many enterprises have the need to set up new branches nationwide, expand their markets and quickly access their potential customers. However, in reality, enterprises often encounter many problems related to "administrative" procedures that cause difficulties and obstacles. Therefore, most  businesses in Vietnam use the branch establishment service.

Although many administrative reforms have been implemented, difficulties faced by enterprises in the process of establishing branches are still popular in many areas and provinces/cities throughout the country.

Your company wishes:

  • To have a business license to put the branch into operation;
  • The company does not have a team of specialists who are always available to handle legal issues and needs a team of dedicated and helpful specialists;
  • The company wants to save the maximum cost and still bring about sustainable results.

TinLaw has more than 10 years of experience in providing the prestigious and quality service of setting up company branches. We commit to bring the best quality service and absolute satisfaction to all our customers.

Fast branch establishment service at low fee
Fast branch establishment service at low fee

Process of setting up a company branch

Step 1: Receiving and consulting customers

  • TinLaw’s consultants contact customers to determine the need to establish a branch.
  • Providing advice on how to operate the branch, where to locate the branches, legal regulations for branches of enterprises.

Step 2: Preparing legal documents for the branch

  • A certified copy of the business registration certificate of the parent company
  • Certified copy of ID card of the representative of the branch

Step 3: Preparing documents of setting up the company branch 

  • Notification of establishment of a branch to the Business Registration Office of the province or the city where the branch is located
  • A written decision, a copy of the meeting minutes of the founding members of the company on the establishment of the branch
  • A copy of the decision on appointment of the head of the branch

Step 4: Submitting documents of branch establishment

  • After preparation of sufficient documents, submit them to the business registration office in the locality where the branch is located

Step 5: Receiving the result

  • For invalid dossiers: your company shall receive a notice of supplementing documents then make amendments or supplementation to the documents as specified in the notice
  • For valid and accepted dossiers: On the date of receiving the result as detailed in the receipt, you shall receive the certificate of branch operation registration.

NOTE: For branches of a foreign-invested company in Vietnam

  • All documents are prepared in Vietnamese.
  • Foreign documents must be legalized and translated into Vietnamese
  • Investors strictly comply with the Investment Law and other relevant regulations of the State of Vietnam.

What benefits do you have when using TinLaw services?

  • Team of specialists who are highly experienced in legal procedures shall help you solve problems, orient development, complete dossiers and procedures for setting up branches of the company.
  • The company does not have to worry about complicated legal procedures regarding setting up the company branch because we shall complete all documents and procedures for you. Upon completion, you shall obtain the result of business registration for the branch.
  • We have experience dealing with difficult cases and have methods to help businesses quickly complete documents and procedures for the establishment of branches.
  • You shall save a lot of time and personnel and can focus on developing the company.
  • We look forward to providing the best quality all-in service for our customers, and guarantee no extra fee.
  • Free delivery of documents
  • Fee for establishing a company branch is always the lowest fee in the market.

If you need to set up a branch in Vietnam, please contact TinLaw consultants for free support and advice and get the best service from us.


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