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Changing of Business Registration Information

Many companies often have new intentions or new plans for their business, want to change their business strategy or their mode of operation so they need to carry out procedures to change the business registration information to better match the development of the company, but some of the documents and procedures of business registration are quite complicated and time consuming, which sometimes affect the operation of the company if they are inspected by specialized agencies.

Then, your business needs to use the service of change to business registration information of TinLaw to have procedures completed quickly and legally. More than 5,000 businesses have documents successfully handled by TinLaw for over 10 years.

Service of change to business registration information offered by TinLaw includes:

  • Change registered business lines;
  • Change company name;
  • Change headquarter;
  • Change due to transfer, adding members, shareholders in the company; 
  • Change charter capital of the company;
  • Change legal  representative of the company;
  • Change other contents in business registration documents.

Advantages of service of change to business registration information offered by TinLaw:

  • Enthusiastically consult, answer all questions of customers related to legal issues
  • Prepare simple and accurate documents for customers, act on behalf of customers to carry out the procedures for changes to business registration
  • Professional staff can handle your requests quickly and effectively in 3-5 days
  • Low fee, guarantee no extra fee
  • Dedicated service, free delivery of all documents and fast delivery of results.


Change to the business registration information   
Change to the business registration information  

Steps in change to the business registration information

Step 1: Preparing documents including:

  • Notice of changes to business registration information: change of enterprise name, address of head office, charter capital,...

Note: Before relocating head office, your company must carry out procedures with tax authorities related to relocation of business location in accordance with the law.

  • Decision of the company owner/Board of Members/General Meeting of Shareholders on change of business registration contents
  • Meeting  Minutes of the Board of Members/Board of Directors
  • Other attached documents correspond to the following cases: Copy of the amended charter of the enterprise (if changing the address of the head office from a province/city to another province/city) or the company's financial statement of the most recent period with the time of decision to reduce the charter capital (For the case of reduction of charter capital).

Step 2: Submitting dossiers to the business registration office

Step 3: Receiving the result confirming of change to business registration information

In addition, during the operation, TinLaw will support and advise customers about issues related to:

  • Setting up company branch
  • Representative office establishment
  • Tax accounting consulting
  • Accounting and financial statement services
  • Tax return service
  • Social insurance service

Our mission is to complete documents and legal procedures of businesses quickly and effectively so that you can save time and focus on developing business effectively. TinLaw's commitment is to complete and deliver changed business registration information within 3-5 working days from the date of receipt of your documents. Please contact TinLaw to be consulted  and assisted.

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