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Adjustment of Investment Registration Certificate

During the investment process, if investors wish to change the business registration information, the scale of operation, business objectives … they need to adjust the investment certificate. In this case, they can contact directly TinLaw Legal Consulting Firm for free information support.

TinLaw offers all-in services of setting up foreign invested companies, adjusting investment registration certificates, setting up branches of foreign traders in Vietnam … The prestige and professionalism of one the best investment law consultancy brands in Vietnam will surely make every customer satisfied.

When there is a change in one of the following contents, the investor should carry out procedures for modifying the investment registration certificate:

  • Change to code of the investment project
  • Change to name of investment project
  • Name and address of the investor
  • Location and area of the project
  • Objectives and scale of the investment project
  • Capital investment in the project
  • Operation duration of the project
  • Project execution schedule: schedule of infrastructural development and inauguration (if any); schedule of achievements of primary targets and items; targets, duration, and operations of each stage (if the project is divided into multiple stages).
  • Investment incentives, support and conditions (if any)
  • Conditions applied to the investor who implements the project (if any)


Adjustment of investment registration certificate
Adjustment of investment registration certificate

The sequence of adjusting the investment registration certificate

1. Needed documents

  • A written request for adjustment to the investment registration certificate
  • A report on project execution up to the date of project adjustment
  • Decision on the adjustment to the investment project of the investor
  • Explaining or providing the documents mentioned  in Points b, c, d, đ and e, Clause 1, Article 33 of the Investment Law relevant to the adjustments  (if any)

2. Receiving agency

The Department of Planning and Investment in the locality where the enterprise is located

3. Processing duration

  • Within 10-15 days from the receipt of sufficient documents, the registry office shall adjust the investment registration certificate; in case of rejection, the investor must be notified in writing and provided with explanation, e registry office shall adjust the Certificate of investment registration. In case of rejection, the investor must be notified in writing and provided with explanation.

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